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Tired of hearing "Are we there yet?" 
After leaving American Motorhome, you'll be saying "Where are we going today?"
 Let's get you started!!!
Check out all of our inventory.
This is where your adventure begins!


Whether you're looking for lodging or just something to travel in from time to time, we'll have what you're looking for! From travel trailers, 5th Wheels, Class C Motohomes to Luxury Diesel Class A's, our inventory; right on the price; and we'll help you find something that's perfect for you AND fits your budget! We'll be happy to help you locate your dream motorhome, 5th wheel or travel trailer.

3 Reasons to Buy From Us

1. We don't just tell you we will do something, we put it in writing.
2. We get each coach checked and serviced before delivering them.
3. We offer competitive pricing.


There are no guarantees that everything will last forever with older equipment because these are pre-owned motorhomes! However, we do go through each unit and make sure everything is working while you are present, before you leave the lot! Unlike other dealers, we do a Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) which is walkthrough process we do ourselves with a checklist where our very experienced technician will thoroughly check everything for you. A cover charge of 695$ is charged as an overall cost for whatever we come across and replace. Then we send it off to a 3rd party where they check for mechanical things like engine, brakes, lights, dash AC/Heat, tires, belts, hoses, cruise control, ETC. Leave me a contact number and I'll call you for specific details about yourself and the whatever it is you're looking for and schedule a appointment to view the unit. Call now and get the service you deserve!!!

Office# (916) 868-5752

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