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Consignments/ We Buy


We will buy AND pay top dollar for your RV. Or if you want to consign we can help you sell it. 

We are looking for used motor homes and travel trailers, with the only exception is that they are in good and clean condition. Check us out before you consign your RV to another dealer. If you just want to sell, we can get you instant cash for your RV.

See below for how we sell so many RVs.

        local Exposure: Location! Location! Location! We are located on a corner lot of a major traffic Light Intersection on El Camino Ave. There is our Motor home Rows (Line up of motorhomes on display) that's seen from both streets in Sacramento right off of the highway with Entrances from Both Streets. 

         We only sell used, and with this high traffic count we have 10 to 15 people per day looking for RVs just like yours coming onto our lot.

        Online ExposurE:  We advertise on about 10 different websites (it is important for as many people to see your RV both physically on our lot, and on the internet) We make 50 to 100 photos!! With professional Photography and staged decorated on our Website


         Better Selling ToolS: 

         We offer financing which helps get a Better Price for your RV and helps buyers purchase with an affordable monthly payment. This alone multiplies the amount of people that want to buy your RV, and the higher purchase price offsets our fees if you are consigning.

         We can take Trade-ins without affecting your payoff for your RV.

         We can offer extended warranties to help Buyers feel secure in their new purchase.


         Clean, Clean, CleaN:  We make sure your RV is cleaned thoroughly inside and out including steam cleaning carpets and upholstery cleaning if needed, then put carpet protection film on the carpets to protect them and keep them in pristine condition while showing and until sold.

         PresentatioN: We decorate your RV to give it a warm home-like feeling while being viewed by potential buyers.

         Know hoW: We know how to display and sell your RV to obtain the maximum dollar amount for you.

        NADA.COM: This is what the banks use to appraise your RV. This value will help in getting finance for the RV. It is not always correct, really only correct 75% of the time. Some times itís too High and or too Low of value really depending on the condition of your motorhome.

         Showing your RV: No strangers coming to your home. No haggling and negotiating with people and them giving you insulting low ball offers. Finally no wasted days staying home waiting for people to show up and then them not showing up.

         Smog:  If your RV requires a smog certificate, we handle that for you as well.

         SafetY: All vehicle get a safety inspection.Tires, Brakes, Seat Belts, Lights, Horn, Windshield, Windshield Wipers, Etc.

         DMV: We do all necessary DMV paperwork correctly and release of liability so that you donít have to. 

         Price (our Fees): We can give you a net final price guaranteed and anything over that price that it sells for is our fees,  or 10% fees based on the sale price over $20,000 and 15% anything under $20,000.


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